Monday, 16 May 2011


  1. Never tell the truth if the truth is, you stayed at home with your gurls watching Hannah Montana and eating Malteasers ... A much better story is, your friend Colin took you out for drinks, and you don't really remember what happened. Jealousy always works in your favour
  2. Sometime's crying can work in your favour!!! If you think your man may be close to ending things, pretend something dreadful has happened so then he'll feel guilty and will have to stay with you for a bit longer. (This is possibly one of the best tricks of the trade)
  3. As I said in my FIRST EVER POST, Just to be quite frank, DON'T SPEAK! EVER! No seriously, if you don't speak, you'll enable yourself to avoid pretty much any argument, tiff and most importantly any fight. You're making it easier for the both of you. Just lie back, open up your legs, occasionally your mouth (sometimes your back way) and just let him enjoy the ride.
Let me know how it goes,

I love you all, GFOTY xxx

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