Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey Cuddle Bunnies!!!

I am so in love today!!! *cough* *yawn* *smile* SO !!! I've been receiving emails from my fans asking me to help them out with present ideas for their lovely boyfriends!!! I chose the top three to give advice to..

1. Chelsea from America, kindly emailed in asking me if I thought the below was a good idea for her boyfriend, Drake for Christmas!!!

That's an awful idea!!!! I hope it's not too late bbz!

2. Crystal from USA, It's her boyfriends 18th !!! (awwww)

Crystal!!! Go straight for the sex, that's all he really wants! You've wasted an awful amount of money. (However the Brownies are a cool idea!!! - have you traced them with anything? GOOD GOING GAL!


3. A lovely man actually emailed in with his advice as to what to get them for gifts!!!

There we have it... Some good old fashioned weights for some good old fashioned dates!!!


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