Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Babies! I'm back! And guess what's hot! GLASSES!

I get so excited when I see a hot babe in a pair of sexy specs, I almost explode in all regions!

Anyway, the real matter is, "How the hell do I get my self one of these guys?"

BEHOLD! ! ! ! ! I have some great advice and some fantastic facts about guys with glasses to ensure we all have one inside of us by the end of the afternoon.

  1. Guys with glasses see worse with out their glasses on, meaning looks aren't essential with this species. I suggest you wear less, and learn more <- (This leads me on to my next point)
  2. Guys with glasses see the philosophical things in life as a turn on. Try reading a book on astronomy, physics or karma-sutra for that special bond between two people.
  3. You must beware that your Guy with glasses isn't a faker. The easiest way to tell this (with out taking off his glasses and trying them on for yourself) is to look at his outfit. Ifhe is wearing Hightop trainers with tight bright jeans tucked in, a top saying "I ♥ (anything)" I reckon he's a faker. You'll also probs be able to tell he's a faker because the rims wont have frames in, this is generally an evident sign.
  4. If the glasses look like pedophile glasses, he probably is one. Don't get involved.
Hope this helps a little bit. Here's a picture to get you through your day!


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