Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Chatting up a shop keeper? Trick is, BE SUBTLE. In 11 words which have two syllables or less I'm about to share with you the gold dust which gave me the key to every shop keepers heart. (AWWW!!!) (Here's one I took earlier!)

Here we go!... You're in a shop, you're buying some womanly dispensables and you're running low on 20p. You wallow a bit, and lovely Mr Shopkeeper man says "It's okay love, take it" You wallow a bit more (but this time wallowing of joy) and then loudly reply, "SWEETHEART! IF I WASN'T PREGNANT... AND YOU WERE TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER.." You then walk away, briskly. He'll be slightly astonished and taken back by the comment. The pregnant comment will give the impression you're a baby making genius, <<--- SWELL! He will then swiftly chase after you. Before you know it, Bing Bang Boom! You've got his MSN address, and maybe even his Bebo!



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