Thursday, 9 June 2011


Hey darling girls!

Hope it's been a really cool week for all of you, no matter what age or city! <3 (awwwww!!!)

I'm gonna be working really hard in the GFOTY recording studio tomorrow to make my debut album so now you can subliminally take in all the goss and guy help you need whilst you're sleeping now. Cool huh? -

Anyway, I thought it would be a cool idea to give you some tips for writing music. Make you guys a little aspiration board of some kind to help you along your route to multi-platinum success.


1. There's this cool bloke named Eminem/Marshall.M and he raps about really controversial stuff!! Some people find him a bit upsetting but he's edgy and that's what makes him special! - Try looking up some of his lyrics and basing your lyrics on his..

Try something like one I made earlier "I wanna kill a guy - before he kills me - and then preserve his dick in a conservatory" !!! Kinda wicked lyrics!!!

2. Adapt a new style!!!

Lady Sov is a great stylista to go and emulate. Her sweet and sassy style puts a softer edge towards your new Rap career. Side pony tails give the effect of a happy galloping pony (and we know what that mean's don't we gurls?!) BOYS LOVE HORSES.

3. WEED. Invest in some! learn how to roll up wicked massive weed cigarettes and smoke them till they're dry! This will finish off your new rap persona and will make people realise just WHO YOU ARE ( you're you girls, and never forget that<3<3<3 ) The wicked think about mari-j is that it gives you a really wicked stance about yourself, and lyrics will naturally come to your head. Guy's will think "Corrr! This hoe knows. She's so sick. I wanna rap with her."
These three simple steps should all put you on the path to the new and classier YOU. If you wanna try these steps backwards there's a whole different out come! More of a UK hiphop vibe.



Look out for my album to come!


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