Tuesday, 14 June 2011



It's that time of the year and you know's it! SUMMER!!!

It's funny that when we go on holiday we think the unacceptable is so acceptable, why just last Christmas I came back from Jersey with cornrows. (CRINGE!!!)

Anyway, the same goes for Holiday romances. I always end up with the guy who is discovering himself who writes harmonious poetry and plays guitar bare footed on the dock of a bay.


I'm gonna now disclose how to steer clear of these LOSERZ - And how to end up with the Titanium Amex-ed hotty in the 5* Deluxe penthouse suite of only like the coolest hotel around..


  1. Go to a surgeon and get surgery to sort yourself out. <---WICKED!
  2. Teeth whitening. UH HUH!! (do it!!!)
  3. Tiffany and co's heart bracelet. (Buy it!!1)
  4. Blonde hair (Dye it!!)
  5. D&G bikini (Get one!!1)
  6. Forget about cat's. Get a small dog and give it an ultra cute name! (Jasper?!?!)
Okay so the 6 special rules have been laid out.

Now you gotta stumble in to the guy of your holiday dreams. - Find out what room he is staying in, and give the maids a little tip of some sort so you can wear their uniform for the entire rest of your stay.

The trick is, to stay in his room 24/7 now and clean for him.

What's not to love about behaviour like this?



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