Sunday, 19 June 2011


Happy Sunday darlings!

So I was reading my fav teen mag yesterday when the bar was really raised... Sexting - Can it get you arrested? To put it bluntly NO! Unless if "arrested" means, arrested in the district of <3love<3, then we most deffs can (SWEET huh!!! ???) Well not if you do it like I do.. You gotta be subtle when sending a sexy text to a sexy lad. I know how, do you know how? Here's how!!!

  • DONT DO THIS. WAY TO SUBTLE. This alone could get you dumped, firstly there aint enough cleavage, major dilemma!!! Take your bra off and push both your arms in towards your chest to give girl a natural cleave.

  • What the devil does this mean? Three words girls, WRONG WRONG WRONG. " "ICTIC" or else I'd want you to Fuck me like the witch/woman I am baby..." Your hot hunk is gonna get so confused by this, like totally! I'd opt for something more along the lines of my next tip, from my own phone to my own boyfriend!!!

  • This is so adorable!!! I sent it to my honey last year, WE LIKE TO USE EMOTICONS TO SHOW OUR ETERNAL LOVE BLOSSOM FOR EACH OTHER <3<3<3 The best thing about using funky pictures is that if a police constable was to see it and wanted to take you to court, you could make up any old story about what it really means and you'll be off the hook in no time!!!
Maybe something like..

Me: "You thinking what i'm thinking? Smiling at something good, or happily laughing at my new waterproof lipstick??"

My boyfy: Both!!! SHUCKS!!!

My boyfy (again): You should happily laugh and make your self cry

Me: So you want me to buy my lipstick all over your Tuesdays?

My boyf: Yes my love


A safe and funky way of sending wonderful words and pictures to the guy of yours and my dreams.

xxx Love from me <- GFOTY xxx Sexscribe!!!

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