Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I'm currently writing a feature for THIS SIGHT HERE!!! And I'm feeling a bit low spirited. I mean, yeah, I'm a great GF and all and I mean, I tick all the right boxes, but when it comes to marriage I panic because I have absolutely not the faintest clue in the world about what I'm gonna do on our first night in the bedroom together!

I can get down and dirty and all, but I wanna do something which is gonna be really special. Like I thought some roll-play where we would reverse parts so I'd be the husband and my husband would be the wife.

Then I thought casual B-j's but instead of using my mouth id use a slippery pot or plastic cup and blind fold him and then when all his stuff has come out of his thing id feel it to him in the slippery cup..

Could be kinda fun...

I'm just feeling kinda down about it TBH..

:--------------( GFOTY )---------------:

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