Monday, 28 March 2011


Happy monday girls! Hope your lads have had a good weekend most importantly.
I thought I'd let you in on a few sweet nothings to tell you're honeyz.

First things first. He doesn't wanna know how sweet smile his or about his great sense of humour, GOD! He wants to know what we REALLY think. HERE'S HOW TO DO IT!

  1. Write a list which goes a little something like this... (I'm only gonna give you a few because i don't want you to copy me..)
TO [Insert name here] HERE ARE [insert number here] REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU:
  • You're really good in bed.
  • You have a MASSIVE penis!
  • You have an incredible sized girth!
  • You're testicles are the perfect size!
  • You can cheat on me whenever you want!
Again, the list is endless, why just last week i wrote over 30 in 3 minutes! Anyway i do hope you try this technique, and please feel free to comment with some of the ones you wrote to your hunk.

xx LOVE YA'S! xx

NB i have very fast type skills.

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