Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I've always wanted to know how to mix HOT babes with FASHION, so I hooked up with the Kwerky Fashionista Blog Phenominon LE BERT to find out what totally digs her world when she want's to dig a man. GET A NOTEPAD SISTERS! This one's a keeper.

Hey GIRL! What are you're Top Tips for looking hot for your babe?

  1. Look as fucked up as possible, consider not eating for a day before you see him - this will make you look easy, but traumatized. Hot.
  2. Wash your hair day at least one day before your date, the end’s will be clean but the roots will be greasy, which will remind them of sex
  3. Hold loads of stuff (at least one Starbucks cup, at least one blackberry or 1phone 4, at least 3 bags, maybe a pair of shoes, definitely no food) this will make you look flimsy and feeble. He’ll totally want to rescue you. Modern day sleeping beauty, get me.

Oh I sure get you! And what do you recommend on cooking for you're boo when he's new?

When you first have your new man over for dinner remember to make something boozy. Hopefully if your dating the right guy he should cook for you but if you're unfortunate or ugly I would plump for coq au vin – no explanation needed.

No explanation indeed, saucy! So tell me... how would YOU persuade YOUR boyf to start dressing well?

Unfortunately there’s only one answer to this: it starts in over and ends in draft. To get your man looking sharp you need to smack the plastic, hit the shops and give him some impromptu presents. If he asks why, say he gives amazing head. He’ll never leave you.

I'll take that on board girl! What I really want to know is, what would you do if you started to get bored of your bf?

Facial hair.

I presume you mean on him?! Us babes always get stuck when it comes to these three letters, 'S', 'M', 'S'. Any SMS tips?

When SMS-ing a potential bf remember this, boys only care about three things, funny, sex and cool. Work at least two of these things into each text and he’ll be poking you on fb and inviting you out to the Alibi after no time at all.

(NB, Alibi, or any other hotspot about town)

Any suggestions on what to wear when meeting the parents? (See, Meet the Parents)

Wear leggings, dad will appreciate it and mum wont think you’re a slut. They’ll probably think you’re a drama student though so make sure you tell them you’re not.

Being in one a long dist yourself, you must have some good words of advice on ways to make it work, how should we survive a long distance relationship?

Good question. Get used to passive aggressive emails popping in to your inbox every morning. No, its not that bad.. Think of all the air miles. I’ve got a frequent flyer card, jealous?

Thanks Bertie! And finally, give me 5 words which are best applicable when trying to be GF of the year.

Not psycho, not bitchy, not jealous, not fashion-forward, not yourself.

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