Saturday, 26 March 2011


  • Pretend you've only slept with people named Colin. It's a real silly name and it will make your boo feel superior to all your past liaisons. (this is unless his name is Colin, in which case pretend you've slept with no one)
  • Wear crotchless underwear over another pair of knickers. It comes across slutty, but not too slutty. It will make him wonder what underwear you're wearing underneath the crotchless ones!
  • Get his name tattooed across you're wrist like i did earlier! You should probably do it towards the beginning of your relationship. This will make him feel cleverer then you, and this is what all men want to be!

    • Get a job in retail. Remember girls, our boyfys are the ones who deserve to have the better jobs, right? To go against this crucial rule would be going against our guys. You gotta make sure that you don't speak to anyone though whilst at work because you'r boyfriend doesn't care about how your day really was. We want to know about HIS DAY!
    Have a good saturday girlies!

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