Monday, 25 April 2011


Happy Easter Monday my terrestrial friends!

It's been SO0o00o0O Eventful.


Let me begin! -

So I was in a debate with all my girls because they thought the way to catch a man's attention on the beach was COMPLETELY different to mine!


I'm not gonna tell you what they thought because then you might get confused and do the wrong thing. (AND THAT WOULD BE SOOO BAD.)

  • Go to a sexy bikini shop.. (I opted for this little number)
It's sweet, smart AND sensual! (Wooo! 3 points for triple alliteration gurl!)

  • Posing is a must-must. If you can stay like this for as long as possible, you'll be sure to turn some heads.

NOW ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHOUT AS ANY GUY WHO TICKLES YOUR FANCY. It would be rude for them just to ignore you, so I can guarantee you'll get spoken to.

CONVERSATION? - He's got nice abs, killer biceps, wicked triceps, he resembles BRAD PITT<3<3<3 Keep the compliments going,= (whilst holding the above posistion)

If he doesn't react. THROW SAND IN HIS FACE!!! (A little flirting never killed anyone) Sooner then you know it, you and your man, will be sharing your tan.


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