Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Good afternoon my dears! Well well well, it's been a busy few days down at Girlfriend HQ, I've been averaging out the polls I've made and have FINALLY got some answers! So I asked a large handful of men some questions about how we should act on a first date.


  • A whopping 78% of men requested that we do actually opt for the Salad. With John from York saying, "Yeah, it uh.. really helps the budget, I expect a girl to eat salad as well especially as she should be watching her waistline."
  • A massive 92% said that we should deffs give in on the first date. With Trev from Hollyhead stating, "YEAH chicks should definitely be in for the bone on the first date. IT'S A FIRST DATE and probably the last date, so why wouldn't they get it over and done with?"
  • 80% said leave the talking to the guys. "The worst thing on a first date is listening to a girl drag on about her nails, her diet and her menstrual bleeds." - Partick from Haberdashers.
  • With 80% saying the above, a magnificent 85% said "Keep the conversation subject sexual" Matt from Basingstoke saying, "I love a good wank, and if she doesn't wanna know, that bitch gotta go"
  • Finally, a mere 8% of men said they care about what you look like on a first date. With the other 92% claiming they'd actually prefer if you were wearing a balaclava. Frank from Tottenham even shouted "I'D RATHER A GURL WEAR SOMETHING OVER THAT HEAD. IF I CAN'T SEE HER FACE THEN I FORGET THAT SHE HAS FEELING'S THEREFORE I CAN TREAT HER LIKE MY LOVEDOLLS."

Guys! A major thank you for all your help and advice! If any other fellaz want to contribute to the stats please comment! MUCH APPRECIATED!



  1. i like my girl to treat the first date like she's learning how to dive into a man pool. heads first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice Travis! I'll teach the nation's women how to do exactly that!