Thursday, 7 April 2011


Hey Girls!

Hey Girls!

Hey Girls!

Did I ever tell you about the time my ex broke up with me? THIS IS A LESSON FOR WHAT WE SHOULDN'T DO, but I thought I'd let you know how i used to be before i became GFOTY...

A long long time ago (why, i remember it like it was yesterday!) I was sitting in Croyden Park waiting for my BF of 6 days.. We were meant to be meeting at 3pm GBT and it was already 3:07pm GBT!!! I'd already called him 8 times and sent him 4 bbms. Luckily I'd planned ahead and took my ghetto blaster with me so i could boom out this song..

So... I was blasting this out whilst drinking a bottle of J20 orange flavour which I'd pre spiked with half a shot of Glenns vodka and I could see him arriving from 400 yards across the park (I'd taken my old binoculars with me that I used to use when I went to Oxford St incase I spotted a celeb!)

Where was I? Oh! That's right... So I could see him coming, so i quickly tied one shoe lace to the other shoe lace and started urinating and screaming his name because I thought it would show him how worried I was that he might've been a NO SHO. To my comolete and utter despair and suprise he turned around and legged it back out of the park.

In a moment of desperation I went to run after him but I forgot to pull up my trousers and untie my shoe laces and ended up decking it in front of EVERYBODY in the park!

I ended up in A&E (thats accident and emergency to you and me!!!) where the nurse told me I'd overdosed on the Glenns Vodka shot i'd downed earlier and it resulted in wetting myself..

IT WAS SO EMBARRISING and I never heard from him again..

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Don't drink before a date.

:-( To this day I still wonder what would've happend. :-(


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