Monday, 11 July 2011


Girls Girls G1rLs!!!

I went to the zoo yesterday and was heavily influenced by the way some of the monkeys picked fleas off of there significant others tails..

But it made me think.... Maybe there really is no true love out there for humans like me.. I mean yeah sure i'll delve in to my honeys nose for new exciting germs which maybe later on in life I can breed, and most definitely I would (for sure) go in to his rubbish, whilst searching for cheating evidence, perhaps find the odd tissue which i will keep in my purse for when i get lonley (and h0rny oioi wheeyy!!) but I simply would not do that of the Golden-Tailed Monkey and brush away the many lice from my guys tail..

Is that bad?

Tip of the day: Don't go to the zoo if you have deep heart felt emotions with animals.

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