Tuesday, 2 August 2011


  • Getting the guy of your dreams does NOT have to be so complicated!
  • SO!
  • in a few simple bullet points
  • not only will i teach you how uncomplicated it can be
  • but I will also throw a few pictures in!!!

  • Bullet 1: For easiness' sake, we will call the guy Colin. He's 6foot, blonde, and blue eyed!
  • Bullet 2: -->
  • Bullet 3: Text him at midnight (00:00) and offer him some dessert
  • Bullet 4: --->>
  • Bullet 5: Little will our Colin know, that you're dessert!!
  • Bullet 6: Wear something small, pink, and sexy
  • Bullet 7: Don't forget the fake tan!
  • Bullet 8: When he comes in, make him cum in (know what i mean!!!)
  • Bullet 9: Damn he's fine (A rhyme for fun!!)
  • Bullet 10: Tell him to go home, no boy likes a desperate loser.
  • Bullet 11:

  • Bullet 12: Replace the "I" in Bullet 11 to "You" And you've now got a boyfriend!

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  1. Your blog is just hilare.

    Helen, X