Tuesday, 6 September 2011



After much anticipation on the so called matter. I've decided to let you all in on MY, @GFOTY'S(<-- thats a link!) TOP 3 DRINKS for each occasion, whether it's a romantic night in (swoon baby swoon!) or a day in the park (casual cool!)

Babies, no matter where you are, here's what the drink vibe is..

  • A dinner for two <3 - A BOTTLE OF RED (a bottle of vodka in the bathroom which you swig on the D(own)L(ow): Keep it civil with just ONE bottle of wine, this will prove you don't need alcohol to have a good time and be relaxed. LITTLE DOES HE KNOW!!! That you're downing the bloody spirit in the bathroom with out his his f**king knowledge! HE'S SUCH A FOOL :-)

  • In the park on a Sunday :-) - Bucks Fizz: Show your guy you've got STEEZE by swankily dropping the Champs and OJ flex.. It's very cheap in stores like Marks and Spencers, and incredibly tasty (yum!) They have two for one deals sometimes, but once again - the old dutch courage never fails you so get on it early and drink some absinth at yard before meeting your beau. (I chose absinth because it smells minty, so he'll think you've brushed your teeth.. Clever huh?!1!?

  • A late night phone call - WHATEVER YOU WANT! (which involves alcohol):GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.. Boy's don't want to here what you have to say! Let him know what you've REALLY got to say by drinking the drink of YOUR (yes UR!) choice!!! Drinking before that all important phone conversation will give YOU (yes U!) the confidence to talk SEXY! Remember, keep it down right dirrrty (like xtina) and send some pics! This should totally work (I say should, when i really mean WILL. LOL!!!)

A good something to go by when phone cybering is this song below.. Good old Remson, I salute you <3<3<3



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